"In his contemporary work, Alkis Keramidas is a singer of nature, of health, of the joy of light and of optimism. His style is so unique that Keramidas would not have to sign his work; the least knowledgeable art viewer can immediately tell a Keramidas painting."

N. Zias

"Alkis Keramidas is a brilliant chanter of the Greek countryside, perhaps the only one who has translated the charm and the suggestiveness of the Greek nature with such ingenuity of colors on paintings of unmatched artistic quality. The galleries where his works are exhibited radiate with light, tranquility, calmness and hope. His bright colors, his expressionism and his idyllic tendencies instill a breath of joy in the soul of the viewer.

The art of Alkis Keramidas is personal and tender. The heart of the viewer frees itself as it breathes in a tranquil, nostalgic, luminous, idyllic world, full of poetry. The simplicity, the tranquility and the humanism of Alkis Keramidas offer us the hope that people did not forget their humanity and that someday they will rediscover it.

Alkis Keramidas holds a special distinction among the Modern Greek artists. He was never static. Every single art exhibit of his, proved his rejuvenation. Idiosyncratic in his technique, endowed with the byzantine line and clarity, he heads towards an absolutely personal horizon. His colors are optimistic, impressive, and powerful in their variations; they speak of a man with sensitivity and desire. A painter of the countryside, a painter of portraits, especially children, full of symbolism, he follows traditional ways as they are renewed at their best."

T. Lainas

"Keramidas is an illuminator more than a colorist in his paintings. There is light coming from within. His vision is rich and he sees things with freedom and nobility."

Z. Papantoniou

"The work of Alkis Keramidas is an endless aesthetic joy. The landscapes of Alkis Keramidas are rich and lyric; they sing of the beauty of Greece with vigor and truth. They inspire optimism. His green, in a myriad of tones and shades, is a joy to the eyes. Many of his landscapes reside in the sphere of the dream world."

M. Konstantopoulos

"The intrinsic world of the artist is such that it produces the joy that he has inside him, his nobility and his unmatched sensitivity towards everything that he may create... Keramidas is one of the few who are still great impressionists. With one disclaimer, that he maintained all the rich elements of the organization of the tone elements within a conservative decorative order, which distinguishes him from the others and makes him a rising star in the sky of art."

H. Vienna

"The exhibit of Alkis Keramidas once more reminds us of the radiating Greek beauty through his work. It is a wonderful world, sensual, joyful, and perpetual in nature, in the people and the simple way of life. Landscapes of Roumeli, of Macedonia, of Euboea, of Epirus, places that others see differently, now are depicted with another character. This exceptional artist comes across something new, filled with poetry and there he lets his imagination spread. This harmony of shapes and colors is more than important. It is a personal conquest. The paintings of Alkis Keramidas stand apart in the multitude of modern painting. They are the foundation of a special climate of optimism, of an open horizon, the marriage of folk and modern art... The art of Keramidas was always clear and eclectic. Inside him shined a fountain of beauty, the true image of life. Alkis Keramidas is a true poet in his art."

C. Koulouris